Monday, April 18, 2011

Realizing that I don't have Dad to deal with the jerks from Columbia Gas FOR me...

The past week has gone by relatively quickly, so much has been going on that it's been hard to find the time to blog. 

Dad is doing pretty well right now comparatively speaking...He's finally gotten some of his appetite back and has been requesting funny stuff, Egg McMuffins, fruit danishes, and even Lambic Framboise :)  Lol...It's nice to see him feeling a bit better.  Physically, we're still pretty much the same, which is bad.  Rolling over is impossible, Showers are probably not going to happen for much longer and Dad's really tired-worn out from being transferred from bed to wheelchair even.  Lots of people have been coming to visit and helping when they do.  Thankfully, my stepbrother, Michael came in to town for a few days to help out from NYC.  Transferring Dad has gotten so difficult that Anne and I are both having trouble moving the poor guy, so it's a huge relief to have an extra set of strong arms around.

A couple of weeks ago, Colin smelled gas outside (unfortunately, not the human kind), so we called Columbia Gas for them to come check it out.  The guys showed up and figured out that the leak was right out front of our house and in order to fix it, they would need to dig up an rectangle taking up the entire right lane of E. State.  When I arrived home from a day of helping take care of Dad, there was a back hoe with each tire on my rosebushes and my front lawn totally destroyed from the bucket.  Trucks were parked all over the yard; it was a mess.  I was in tears.  REALLY!? REALLY?!!!!  Ugh.  So after talking to the guys working and crying, they fixed the leak, and the yard, and somehow my roses seem to have survived.  Thankfully we lived through it.  UNTIL yesterday when my basement flooded because the line from the washing machine was backed up (or so we thought).  Turns out, after calling the plumbers on a Sunday ($$$$) it wasn't our line, it was the entire sewage line.  Apparently, Columbia Gas cut through the sewage line just from our house!  SERIOUSLY?!  So, the City of Athens guys are here today trying to fix it and we're stuck with VERY limited water use, no dishes, laundry, showers and little flushing only.  The City workers are so nice, I know they felt bad when telling me this problem was NOT going to be fixed soon.

So, that's my venting for today. I need to go attend to my little girl, who came home from her Dad's house last night with a cough and fever.  Awesome.

Wish me luck!

In the meantime


  1. Hang in Lily. Everything always goes wrong at the same time. And it's hard to smile. But it's only "stuff". Hugs to your Dad. Judy McGinn

  2. Sonja (and Don) CobleApril 18, 2011 at 1:57 PM

    I've been thinking of your dad, you and Anne a lot lately. Wryst gives me the updates. I know how difficult it can be to manage the visitors. If you need help with anything, please let us know.

  3. Lili, I will try not to complain about anything,
    ever! My heart just aches for you. If Chuck &
    I come to Athens, what could we do for Wil, you,
    Anne, and Josh? Could we stay with your dad for
    short stints while you take some time to rest or
    whatever you might need to do? (We know there's a hotel on or near campus where we could stay and
    walk to the house.) I don't know any other way
    besides this blog to contact you. So please know we want to do this if it will help any of you. We can be there about as soon as you let us
    Rosie Caldwell (
    (phone 765 427-1770)